This is an old poem I wrote many years ago, when I was 14 or 15 years old.

I walk out in the early morning Cold

The asphalt Cold bites my cheeks

The streets are empty

I stare down the asphalt

My shoes fit the gravel

There air is still

There is a silence in the air

Red roses in the barbed wire

My Babybear is gone ©

The sickest summer

Turkiet kopia

Kenzo perfume, red tea, stone floor, 3 crackers and an egg

Dracula sucking blood

The psycho circus buffet



The bedsheets

The thick air

bursting the waterchicken

while constantly the blue Eye

in the sky

Let me throw up some more now

The black box

The sea perfect for drowning

No need to run

The dogs are in the ditches

You wouldn’t wan’t to go outside

You wouldn’t wan’t to be high like a mountain

when you could be this low

I was shown the stone floors

Someone is alone in the pit, I know

Someone is wishing for a blackout to get away from the shit ©

Photo by Sophia Key ©

Beggar girl


262 - kopia

The poor abandoned beggar girl in the street. Can you see the pain in her Eyes? The dark Deep forest in her Eyes. No birds flies in that forest. They’re all dead and gone. This is what you waited for right? The day when they would all be gone so that you could write this song. And hum it to yourself over and over again.

It’s time to go home. The tears have been cried. How she wept and wept through the years.

You’re going home now. The road has been long.

Did you feel the darkness? That comes after losing everything. Falling down down down in the depths. The World just turned pitch black. It’s dark in here. Can’t see anything. Did anyone put out the lights? I thought I Heard the Angels in the dawn. ©

Photo by Sophia Key ©